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Letchworth Civic Trust

Serving the residents of the garden city

Who benefits

So, who benefits?
In a typical year about 200 individuals, particularly, but not exclusively, young people and about 20 local groups or organizations.

What sort of people?
Students who have lived in Letchworth for at least two years, and have gained a university place, will, on application, usually receive a grant of £500 towards the cost of books and learning materials. School Leavers not going to University but continuing with further education e.g., diploma, HND, Apprenticeship, are now included for this grant.

School pupils in a family that is finding great difficulty in supporting a school activity, particularly a residential field visit or camp, and which the headteacher believes would benefit the child, often receive a grant of up to £70 towards the costs. There are more than a hundred of these awards each year.

Support is given to community groups needing to improve their premises or support an event.

Disabled individuals with mobility problems are also helped. 

Bursaries are sometimes available to exceptionally talented musicians, athletes, swimmers, etc..